Hollywood Celebrities Who Killed Other People

November 21, 2017

The world of a celebrity can be very strange as they live their lives under a microscope. With the public watching their every move, it makes it all the more shocking and heartbreaking when they cause another person’s death. Some of your favorite stars have actually taken and been accused of taking another person’s life. […]

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‘Dancing with the Stars’: The Worst Contestant From Every Season

September 21, 2017

There have been many celebrities to go on Dancing with the Stars in hopes of winning the mirror ball trophy. Throughout that time there have been many that failed miserably. Sometimes it was because they just couldn’t win over the fans, but other times it was because they were horrible dancers. Many fans are able to remember […]

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Celebrities You Didn’t Know Have Battled With Anxiety or Depression

July 21, 2017

Some celebrities try to keep their private lives to themselves. But more and more are opening up about the biggest issues concerning their lives. This includes famous people who have openly discussed needing marijuana for their health, along with those who have struggled with anxiety or depression. Yes, even the rich and famous have to […]

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